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YouthWalk (TM)

YouthWalk (TM)

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I feel like I’m all alone in the world. My parents are diving me crazy. I just can’t control my temper. Nobody likes me. The Bible has answers to these problems and more. And this newly revised edition of YouthWalk will help you dig them out in just a few minutes each day. YouthWalk tackles 26 different topics―things like temptation, depression, peer pressure, loneliness, and drugs. An Introductory Page previews the week’s topic. And a Devotional Page―one for each weekday―surveys five different aspects of the topic. Each devotional page includes: · Opening Story―to start you thinking about the topic · Look It Up―to show you what God’s Word says about it · Think It Through―to help you understand what God’s Word means to you · Work It Out―to encourage you to put the Bible to work as you deal with the issue · Nail It Down―to help you build God’s answers into your life Take a leisurely walk through the Bible a few minutes at a time and find answers to your most pressing problems. YouthWalk is a compilation of daily Bible studies from YouthWalk, a monthly student devotional magazine published by Walk Thru the Bible.

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