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Where Eagles Fly

Where Eagles Fly

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Many people have had out-of-body experiences when their spirits left their bodies, some whose flesh died only to come back to life when their spirits returned. This is a story about one sojourner on the earth who had just such an experience while he was praying at the altar during a Sunday church service. In his case, he did not die; but he suddenly found himself going somewhere. Thinking that he must have been dreaming, he could plainly see his body still kneeling at the altar as his spirit departed. What happens when the spirit leaves the body? Where does the spirit go? Be an eyewitness to the events that unfold for the sojourner in this story, from the moment the Holy Spirit carries him up to God's Holy City of Zion for an unforgettable day. Walk with him as Jesus takes him on a guided tour of heavenly places. Step into the sojourner's shoes as the Father welcomes him to the City and dresses him in holy array. Join him in the banquet hall of the temple for a spectacular celebration. And, upon his return to his body on earth, still kneeling at the altar, experience the joy of a changed man.

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