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Walking In Victory: Vol. 3

Walking In Victory: Vol. 3

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Book III in Peter Hobson's teaching manual on casting out demons. This third book in his Deliverance Ministry Series is in 4 Parts: Chapter I explains the Battle Tactics of the Enemy & The Deliverance Cycle, Deliverance Teaching on The Word (Victory Authority, Faith, Promises), Deliverance Teaching on Maintaining Deliverance (Relapses, Human Will, Attitude, etc) Deliverance Teaching on Prayer Weapons (Forgiveness, Continuous Deliverance, Protection of the Blood, the Fullness of The Holy Spirit, Prosperity) and Deliverance Teaching on Fellowship (Worship & Praise, Sharing, Conduct, Discretion). Chapter II explains Opposition To The Sufferer (Within the World, The Church and Themselves), and Opposition to the Minister (Reaction of the World, Church, Friends & Relatives, Scholars, etc). Chapter III explains Deliverance Failures, False Failures (Bad Habits, False Expectations, Manifestation-Free Deliverance, Partial Victory), Obvious Failures, and Failure on the Part of the Minister (Missing Elements of Determination, Discernment, Authority, and Power). Chapter IV explains the Purpose of Deliverance and The Role It Plays Within the Kingdom and Rule of God.

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