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Walking Across America

Walking Across America

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One call. One walk. One step.

People dream, people envision, and people hope. However, few have followed through.

Pressed by the pain of homes in America unraveling due to abuse, addictions, anger, anxiety, and apathy, Dr. Jim Buckley answered God's one call to take one walk, one step at a time, across America: a walk to live out a message for Jesus; a walk of 3,131 miles long over 6 months.

Jim Buckley walked across America with Glenda, his wife of 47 years, driving their 22-foot RV with this message:

Homes in America are in need of Jesus!

Compiled in this book is the story of one man, one husband, one father, one grandfather, one professor, and one pastor who heard God's call and responded to walk across America, communicating a message of hope in Jesus Christ for homes across America.

You will be inspired, encouraged, and brought to tears in this real story across the beautiful states of America. Will you be inspired to answer your call?

What is your Walk Across America? What are you putting off? What is burning in your soul to accomplish? Answer the "one" call just as this 66-year-old man did.

It's never too late to take your "one" step!

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