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Victory! On the Frontline V-Strategy: Experiencing Seven Successful Strategies (Volume 1)

Victory! On the Frontline V-Strategy: Experiencing Seven Successful Strategies (Volume 1)

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"Victory! On the Frontline" Experiencing Seven Successful Strategies is written to encourage and empower any individual who may be challenged or confronted by negative opposition. Yet, still willing to undergo preparation to implement these proven strategies and examples of victorious testimonies penned within Volume 1 "V"-Strategy. Simple yet profound strategies written expound on victory over procrastination, fear and defeat. Suddenly, mind-sets transform victoriously upon receiving revelation of what is already in your possession and sphere of influence. Defining a frontline draws a constant awareness, we are living in a demilitarized zone; if we are not fighting for a cause or planning strategically to confront taking down our cultural mountain(s) of influence. Even if you are not the one getting fired at, conflict is all around us, we don't always recognize an enemy through our natural senses. Strategies written consist of proclaimed revelations, loudly climatizing territorial atmospheres, boldly decreeing righteousness, as the Kingdom of God is advanced. No extra money, or deception is necessary to gaining Victory! On the Frontline. Implementing Volume 1. V-Strategy will convert you from being in a melancholy state, burden with lethargic nostalgia and depression catapulted to a real lifestyle of victorious purpose. She quotes, "You'll enjoy vacationing everyday when you receive revelation of your occupation becoming your vocation." Activation of vision, sounding a confident violent voice, decreeing declarations of sudden victory when faced with challenges is a remnant of weapons of warfare used when experiencing a real victorious lifestyle change.

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