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The Second Heaven

The Second Heaven

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And he said to me: Chosen One it is I the Holy one of the Earth, When I spoke my words, it was I who formed man from the dirt. You must understand that you are now with me, You have passed the second heaven Precious One, you have reached life eternity. Let my Chosen One's know that you have finally won, And that they are to prepare for the 2nd coming of my son. Also, that I am here roaming the lands, and I have come for my Chosen Ones, I have reached out a second hand. They are to repent and get out of sin, pass the second heaven and finally win. I am here to give eternal life, I will be their husband now, and they will be my wife. Chosen One you are in the kingdom with me, I am sending my two olive trees. Let all know that this is the only way, and to shout for joy, ring the bells, and blow the trumpets for I Declare he said to me "This is the LORD'S Day"!

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