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The Prophetic Dancer and Mime

The Prophetic Dancer and Mime

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The Prophetic Dancer and Mime
Attention Dancers, Mimes, Worship & Arts Leaders, and Worshipers!
Are you ministering and flowing under the anointing as powerfully as you would like to?
Are you experiencing manifestations of God's presence when you minister?
Does God speak to you and through you before, during and after you minister in Dance or Mime?
Learn how to position and yield yourself so God can speak directly to you and through you for your ministry! God, through the apostolic and prophetic ministry of David Brown has revealed key principles and practices that will increase your effectiveness in Dance and Mime ministry exponentially!
David Brown has over 35 years of ministry experience. He preaches, teaches, and ministers elements of worship and praise, prophetically. His most anointed gift is sharing and teaching others methods of hearing God's voice through worship! David will reveal how the Holy Spirit's power and God's voice is "amplified" in the context of worship! But more significantly, David documents how God is now speaking "present truth" through Dancers and Mimes as never before!
Mime and Dance have become very popular as it pertains to "manifestation and demonstration" in the area of Worship and Arts! But without the vessel being "connected" to the source, it is merely another art form.  If you desire to be catapulted into a much higher dimension of praise and worship by this new revelation, and thus take your ministry to the next level... THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!
A few years ago David, by means of prayer, worship, and study of scripture received the revelation that; "GOD MOVES on MOVEMENT!" He has adopted and used this phrase and revelation concept to administer, coordinate, and lay foundation for powerful worship. David has traveled around the world conducting seminars, conferences, and praise ministries in churches.
The main theme of this book, is to learn the process for receiving and giving  a "rhema" word from God via Dance and Mime ministry. This process is necessary and essential for exponential anointing and optimal ministry effectiveness.
Now, David has made this process available in written form. The principles and keys revealed in this work has literally taken him years to learn and develop! Just reading this book will release a divine impartation that will open the spiritual ears of the reader and enable them to not only hear the voice of God, but also open spiritual doors of prophetic and apostolic revelation and release for this generation!
What are you waiting for? 
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Your new destiny and break-through for worship is waiting!
"God moves on movement!"
If you want God to move on you, you need to... Move!

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