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The Progressive Torah: Ground Level Genesis

The Progressive Torah: Ground Level Genesis

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Have you ever been reading the Scriptures and wondered,"What exactly is THAT word in the original text?" Then you take down the Strong's Concordance or turn to the computer, once again saying, "I wish I knew more Hebrew!"

The Progressive Torah is an English-based translation of the Scriptures that progressively restores more and more of the original Hebrew.

We have developed what we call the "Reading to Learn Hebrew" method.

By focusing more on Reading the Scriptures, Hebrew can now be naturally, and easily assimilated. Much the same way lots of folks have learned what "Shalom" means or "Elohim" -- from exposure - not intense study.

In order to read through The Progressive Torah you will need a basic knowledge of the Hebrew Alef Bet.

We pray you are blessed by this work and may open your mind and help you as you Read to Learn this beautiful language!

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