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The Ministry of Healing, Miracles of cure in all ages

The Ministry of Healing, Miracles of cure in all ages

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"Have there been any miracles since the days of the apostles? To this question the common answer has been, in our times at least, a decided no. A call recently put forth in one of our religious journals, asking the opinion of ministers, teachers and theological professors on this point was very largely answered and the respondents were well nigh unanimous in the opinion that the age of miracles passed away with the apostolic period. The statement contained in several of these replies gave evidence indeed that the question had never been deeply investigated by the witnesses. In some instances there was a perhaps unintentional evading of the issue by the question "What is a miracle?" But there were only one or two replies which gave countenance to the view, that miracles are possible in all ages and have appeared more or less numerously in every period of the Church's history. If then the little book which we now send forth shall win any assent for its views, it will not do so in all probability because its sentiments accord with the opinion of the majority of the theologians of the day." A. J. Gordon was the pastor of Clarendon Street Baptist Church in Boston for over 25 years. Under Gordon's leadership this church was described as "one of the most spiritual and aggressive in America". He became a favorite speaker in Dwight L. Moody's Northfield. Gordon was a prolific writer and is most remembered for The Ministry of Healing.

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