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The Jesus Story: Woven from the Four Gospels

The Jesus Story: Woven from the Four Gospels

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The Jesus Story weaves the accounts of the four Gospels into one easy to read narrative in today's language. This approach offers a fresh view the story of Jesus' life to those familiar with the Gospel accounts and a fascinating introduction for persons not acquainted with the biblical narratives. Dr. Ivan Leaman, retired medical missionary and S.S. Bible teacher says, "The Jesus Story is a unique way to read about Jesus. John Miller has taken the stories and teachings of Jesus in the four Gospels and woven them into one continuous story. With his knowledge of Greek he has been able to give to us the Jesus story using fresh and modern English words. Pick up this book and as you read, let this story of Jesus and his words strike you in new and powerful ways." New Testament scholar Dr. George R. Brunk III adds, "While respecting the diversity of our four Gospels, we can also acknowledge the legitimacy and value of creating a unified version of the Jesus story. This is what the present publication offers. Its value lies in several directions: 1. There is the simple, practical value of giving easy access to all the stories of Jesus’ earthy life in one continuous and more or less chronological form. 2. By seeing the whole of what we know about Jesus, the reader is able to sense more readily that a deep harmony and coherence exists in and behind the several versions of the story. A fresh kind of spiritual inspiration can result. 3. There is also a more subtle value in the particular kind of harmony represented here. The actual wording of the original Gospels is preserved. The alert reader will, therefore, sense the differences in style, vocabulary, and point of view from account to account, reflecting the different authors. Thus the thoughtful reader is encouraged to take seriously both the similarity and the differences in the way Jesus was remembered by his first followers. It is with the hope of just such fruitful outcomes t that I commend John Miller’s labor of love to the reader."

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