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The Gamer's Guide to the Kingdom of God

The Gamer's Guide to the Kingdom of God

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Have you ever wished life could be more like a game? As a gamer have you wondered about how gaming can help you grow? Have you ever wondered if computer games have redemptive qualities, or whether your friends are just wasting their time? Now you don’t have to. In this one of a kind book, author Michael King takes you on a spiritual voyage into the world of Role-play gaming, making comparisons between gaming and life in the Kingdom of God. He uncovers how you can perform quests, level up, and even use powerful skills and abilities to defeat enemies as a follower of Jesus Christ. In this book you will discover how to engage: • Miracles • Faith • Physical and Inner Healing • Resurrection • Spirit travel • Casting out demons • Increasing spiritual power • And much more While geared toward gamers, this book is written so that anyone can understand these timeless spiritual truths, with significant revelation and impact on daily life. If you are ready to take your spiritual life to a whole new level, Log On and let the games begin! Chapter List: Introduction: For the Noob 1 Initial Setup Phase 2 The Cosmic GM 3 Level Up! 4 The Purpose of Parties 5 Stats and Skill Trees 6 Buffs and Enhancements 7 Maps and Portals 8 Guilds 9 NPCs, Items, Drops, and Personal Storage 10 Quests 11 Events and Server Reset Time 12 Reputation and Titles 13 Classes and Crafting 14 Kingdom Economics 15 Respawning and Resurrection 16 Combat 17 Healing 18 End Credits

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