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The Forest Through the Trees: Church? Wow! Now There's a Concept!

The Forest Through the Trees: Church? Wow! Now There's a Concept!

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They tell me I have to do a long "Book Description" of over 4000 characters. Geez, I feel like I'm back in college! Well, my basic description is that this book, my book, has some pretty good stuff, - not bad at all. These letters of mine were written to human beings, not just Christian folk, for a lot of people who are not "Church People" are prone to ask now and then about "Church People", like "Who are those guys!?" Good question! The jury is still out! Still, St. Paul says the the Church is , "The Body of Christ", so it always amuses me to see churches have lengthy and intense programs to establish their identity. What a waste. We already know who we are! We are, THE BODY OF CHRIST! Hello!!! Our long seminars should be about uncovering and dealing with all the ways that we can boldly risk the dangers that come with the preaching and teaching of the Good News of Jesus Christ. Anyway, I feel that I come at "Church" from a different angle than many of my peers. Such as, I believe having too many "good" people, or "nice" people in a Parish can rob it of its vitality. To me, what the Church (The Body of Christ) needs are folks with a considerable capacity for extravagant forgiveness and humble confession, - along with heaping helpings of scandalous and outrageous behavior perpetrated and passionately expressed to the glory of God's gracious and inbounding love. Hopefully, this book of letters can help illuminate some of the dark corners of our faith. Its like when I got my first set of glasses. I said, "Wow! I can see again!" Its a cool feeling, and I just hope that these musings of mine can some how help you to see "more clearly" The Body of Christ. As if the letters weren't enough, these pages include some of my favorite quotes, along with a list of some other favorites of mine. Add to that a couple of Sermons, some stories, a poem (my one and only), and some parting gifts and you've got it! Not bad for a first effort. Thanks for listening. May you find many unexpected joys and mysteries in your travels. JJ

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