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The Baptist Church Manual

The Baptist Church Manual

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The New Testament has much to say about the day when Christ will evaluate His Bride, the Church, when all true believers in Christ will see Him just after the resurrection of dead believers and the rapture of living believers. According to the Bible, this event could even occur today! Are you ready for it? For many centuries Christians have been confused about the timing, participants, seriousness, purpose, and final outcome of this great divine evaluation of the Church. Is it the next revealed event on God’s calendar? Will all Christians be involved or only leaders? Is this event distinct from God’s judgment of unbelievers? Is this a judgment to determine a person’s eternal salvation or eternal reward? Will this event be essentially positive or will it involve punishment for disobedience? What effects will this judgment have afterwards in Christ’s kingdom? THE JUDGMENT SEAT OF CHRIST was written by Dr. Samuel L. Hoyt as his doctoral dissertation to answer these relevant questions from Scripture with careful, balanced, and thorough exegesis. THE JUDGMENT SEAT OF CHIRST addresses a vital subject of eternal significance for every Christian.

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