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The 6th Day--Exiled from the Garden: Volume 2

The 6th Day--Exiled from the Garden: Volume 2

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We shall see what we shall see-the GLORY OF HEAVEN...OR, THE FIRES OF HELL....Come with me-the journey continues... THERE WE GO, TRAVELING DOWN LIFE'S HIGHWAY! ARE WE HEADED IN THE WRONG DIRECTION? IS THE BRIDGE OUT AHEAD? IS THIS JOURNEY FRAUGHT WITH DANGER, EXCITEMENT, AND MISADVENTURE?...Yes! Yes! Yes? Our pilgrimage can be a mind blowing ecstatic adventure, or a dull Saturday night alone with no place to go. Since the creation, time was established as a constant-moments pass before us like lightning bolts blazoned across a stormy sky. Sometimes we fail to see the experience for what it is...a guidepost, a lesson of divine portent-a pathway to understanding why we are here. Do we listen to a heavenly choir with myriads of angels proclaiming the beauty of the Creator? Or have we, like Ulysses stuffed our ears with wax to avoid hearing God's call bidding us to eternity and home?

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