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Soul Cancer (Disambiguation) (Volume 1)

Soul Cancer (Disambiguation) (Volume 1)

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This is a true story about addiction and consequences. No Hollywood rehab or celebrity crackhead or slaps on the wrist. This is real. And its sick and twisted and angry and focused, and it causes much more damage to society than most people can possibly comprehend. Addiction is cancer of the soul. 
Once the addict has been rendered totally dysfunctional, the disease eats away at the very humanity of the sufferer. It kills the soul. It takes away everything about the person that makes the person more than just a physical shell. It eradicates dignity, creativity, compassion, love, sex drive, appetite, intellect and everything that makes the person a human being. Once the addict has lost everything and gets to that point where he or she is holed up in that dark, lonely little room waiting to die, addiction continues to eat at what's left. It takes away the desire to live in such an impossibly painful state of being. It takes away the soul. Soul Cancer.

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