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Side Door: How to Open Your Church to Reach More People

Side Door: How to Open Your Church to Reach More People

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There are entries into your church you may never have imagined ... yet.

Outreach for most churches amounts to a smiling face and extended hand at the sanctuary's front door. It's from there that we most naturally welcome any and all newcomers who have been invited by friends or by some creative promotional effort.

But God has created far more access to your church than only its front door. Every single believer possesses keys that God can use to open side doors that you might never have considered. If you are willing to seek out the non-traditional doorways, God will reveal to you the most remarkable openings by way of the gifts he has given each person in your congregation.

Author and church-growth expert Charles Arn reveals how vital congregations are good at empowering their people to pursue their unique strengths. It is by discovering the passions of its individual insiders that a church can creatively and effectively draw the outsiders into its fellowship and into Jesus.

This book is crucial not only for a church's leadership, but for all motivated members who have a vision for engaging more of their local body in relevant ministry. See how God has been drawing believers out of the pews, through their church's walls, and directly into their communities by way of their side doors. God is using his people to make disciples, and they are actually loving it!

God is all about connecting us with our communities in ways that are relevant to each of our own passions and gifts. See how he will reveal your side door.

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