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Seeking God: A Pilgrimage in the Holy Land

Seeking God: A Pilgrimage in the Holy Land

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Seeking God is a journal of a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. It traces the highlights of the life of Jesus Christ from His birth in Bethlehem, His ministry in Galilee, and through to His Resurrection and Ascension in Jerusalem. It is also a book about the spiritual messages of Our Lord, set in the landscape in which He gave them, providing the reader with a deeper dimension to the Gospel stories, which come alive. It is also the history of the shrines and their link to the biblical, cultural, historical, and political aspects of the Holy Land from the time of Jesus to the Byzantines, and from the Crusades to our time. In the parable of the sower and the seeds, the seed that fell on rich soil grew a hundredfold. Has the seed of the Word of the Lord fallen on the rich soil of your soul? If so, then perhaps this book will spark a desire in your heart to visit the Holy Land, following in the footsteps of Our Lord.

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