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Sacred, Not Secret

Sacred, Not Secret

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Because the LDS presence is spreading and being felt throughout the world in both economic and political venues that affect all facets of human life, the purpose of this book is to reveal to the world at large, and most significantly to the LDS people themselves, the exact meaning of the endowment, and to unfold all of the mysteries and hidden symbolism that pertain to it. In so doing, the non-LDS mind will come to an understanding of its extraordinary beauty, wonder, and glorious message. But more significantly, through its exceptional clarity and plainness, this profound and original explanation will allow the LDS people the opportunity to become aware of exactly what they are symbolically doing when performing the endowment. This insight will help them gain a better eternal perspective and understanding of the hidden mysteries of God they do not yet understand. In being made aware of its true purpose and intent, LDS members and their leaders might come to acknowledge the insignificance of this ordinance with regard to the salvation of a soul, and at the same time, reveal to all people its paramount significance in teaching the mysteries of the plan of our mutual Creator. The beauty of the temple endowment is that it is meant for everyone upon earth regardless of gender, race, or religious creed.

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