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Rose Guide to End-Times Prophecy

Rose Guide to End-Times Prophecy

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Jesus talked a lot about the end of time and his second coming. These are key teachings that every Christian should know. So why don't they?

Perhaps the topic seems too complex or too confusing. And that's a shame because it doesn't have to be.

The Rose Guide to End-Times Prophecy is an easy-to-understand overview. It goes through the key portions of Scripture and explains different ways that Christian scholars have interpreted them. Clear charts and illustrations show the picture. Even if you know what you believe, you owe it to yourself to know why, and to understand the other views.


Ch. 1 Keeping Your Eyes on the Right End

  • Nine false prophets who misled people. Gives 4 reasons to study end times.

Ch. 2 Apocalypse Now and Then

  • Basic explanation of Apocalyptic Literature (Book of Revelation, Daniel).

Ch. 3 What Christians Agree About When It Comes to the End of the World

  • Includes the 3 truths that all Christians affirm.

Ch. 4 Words You Need to Know When It Comes to the End of the World

  • Defines 12 key terms relevant to end-times studies.

Ch. 5 What Happens After the End

Ch. 6 How the Beginning Points to the End

  • Includes God's promises and covenant with Abraham and the end times. Explains different ways that Christians interpret the fulfillment of these promises.

Ch. 7 The Kingdom That Was, Kingdom That's Yet to Be

Ch. 8 The Prophetic Perspective

  • Offers explanations of Gog, Ezekiel's Temple, etc., and includes possible locations for the Ark of the Covenant.

Ch. 9 Daniel's Double Vision

  • Includes a comparative analysis of Nebuchadnezzar's dream (The statue with a head of gold, chest of silver, legs of bronze) and Daniel's vision of beasts.

Ch. 10 The Mystery of the Seventy Weeks

  • Show ways that Christians have calculated the book of Daniel's 70 weeks.

Ch. 11 Why People Missed the Promised Messiah

  • Explains 4 reasons why some people of Jesus' day did not see him as Messiah.

Ch. 12 What Jesus Said About the End of the World

  • Explores Jesus' parables. Examines Jesus' Olivet Discourse from 2 interpretive views, using phrase-by-phrase analysis.

Ch. 13 Cast of Characters at the End of Time: The Heroes

  • What are the 24 elders, the 144,000 witnesses, the great multitude, and the 2 witnesses.

Ch. 14 Cast of Characters at the End of Time: The Villains

  • Describes the 7 characteristics of the Antichrist, and the symbolism behind the dragon, the 2 beasts, and the mark of the beast (666).

Ch. 15 Understanding the Book of Revelation

  • Explains 21 symbols in Revelation from 4 different views, using verse-by-verse analysis.

Ch. 16 Overview of Amillennialism

Ch. 17 Overview of Postmillennialism

Ch. 18 Overview of Dispensational Premillennialism

Ch. 19 Overview of Historical Premillennialism

Ch. 20 A Quick Guide to Four Views of the End Times

  • Diagrams and explanations of the four views. Includes names of key pastors, theologians and scholars who hold each view.

Glossary of terms

Notes Carefully annotated book with well-supported arguments (184 endnotes).


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