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Researching Practice in Mission and Ministry: A Companion

Researching Practice in Mission and Ministry: A Companion

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Can man achieve the perfect society? Can world peace be achieved? Is the antichrist for real? Are a global government, society, economy and religion on the way? These are questions that many people are asking today. In A Global Utopia: Twelve Features of the New World Order, author Greg Hammond provides answers to these and other questions as well as evidence that the New World Order is on its way! Other topics explored in A Global Utopia are the role played by education, the media, the environment, the military, as well as human apathy, in aiding the rise of a one world society. Every Christian needs to be aware of the events currently unfolding that tell us that a time of change is on the way. But it is not a time of defeat, but rather a sign of impending victory, for it marks the return of our King, Jesus Christ. It will also be a time of a great spiritual harvest. Therefore, followers of Jesus must be prepared to be a light shining in the coming darkness.

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