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Reformulating Russia (Russian History and Culture)

Reformulating Russia (Russian History and Culture)

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Georgii Fedotovs Saints of Ancient Russia, Georgii Florovskiis The Ways of Russian Theology, Nikolai Berdiaevs The Russian Idea and Vasilii Zenkovskiis History of Russian Philosophythese are among the most well-known and widely-read historical studies of Russian thought and culture. Having left their homeland after the Bolshevik Revolution, these four authors aimed to present their readers with a common past and thus with a common identity, and their historical works emerged out of the need for reorientation in a post-revolutionary, émigré situation. At the same time, they were to elaborate highly contrasting versions of the Russian past. By means of in-depth narrative and contextual analyses, Reformulating Russia provides a detailed examination of the visions of Russia contained in these four works.

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