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Reading Scripture Deeply: Millennials Take a Fresh Look at the Bible

Reading Scripture Deeply: Millennials Take a Fresh Look at the Bible

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In Acts 8:26-39 we read the story of the Ethiopian eunuch who longed for someone to come and assist him in understanding the ancient writings of Scripture. The Holy Spirit sent him the apostle Philip whose explanation led to the eunuch’s conversion to Christianity. In June of 2013 eight scholars convened at Tyndale House, Cambridge, England, to devote a week to the discussion of how to interpret the Bible. Our vision in the book before us is to come alongside and join in the reading and interpretation of Scripture, so that we can all gain a better knowledge of its meaning and represent that meaning in our lives and relationships. The fruit of our discussions from that summer appear in the following chapters. Five of our number devoted themselves to the production of two chapters each. These deal with a range of subjects related to biblical interpretation in the twenty-first century. The result is a multi-dimensional introduction to the subject for the Bible reader who wishes to know how to approach some of the vexing problems of the biblical text and, more importantly, simply to read the Bible in such a way as to gather the most from this experience.

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