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Power In The Name

Power In The Name

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Know God Better Than Ever Before!

Acclaimed Bible teacher Derek Prince explores the essential nature of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ through a scriptural look at their various names, titles, and manifestations. He reveals God's deep desire for a relationship of love and unity with His people, whom He has created and redeemed. Discover the divine power and character of God by knowing Him as "The One Who Provides," "The One Who Heals," "The One Who Is Our Righteousness," "The One Who Is There," "Prince of Peace," "Wonderful Counselor," "The Word," "Alpha and Omega," "Savior," and "King of Kings and Lord of Lords."

By learning God's names and titles, you will...
" understand the extent of God's covenant provision for His people.
" value more completely the nature of your Creator.
" receive forgiveness for sin and be restored to God.
" develop a closer relationship with God through Christ.
" experience Jesus' power to heal and deliver.
" gain godly wisdom and knowledge.
" understand why God sometimes "disguises" Himself.
" know better how to reflect God's character and power in your life.
" appreciate the boundless scope of salvation.
" know how to call on God's protection in your life.
" understand how to fight satanic forces that oppose you.
" recognize that the Lord your Shepherd will meet all your needs.
" become strong in God's strength.
" trust God completely to take care of your future.

God revealed Himself to people in ages past, and He still does so today, especially for those who acknowledge and love Him. Learn to recognize His presence, appreciate His attributes, and know Him better than you ever have before.

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