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Paul: A Man of Two Worlds

Paul: A Man of Two Worlds

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The apostle Paul is a controversial figure, both admired and reviled. His letters have influenced creeds and dogmatic statements, but he is also accused of turning the "simple" gospel that Jesus preached into a complex dogmatic system. Furthermore, on the authority of Paul, women have been given second place in church and society for many centuries. The "apostle to the Gentiles" has sometimes been a source of inspiration, but he has more often than not been a stumbling block when Jews and Christians meet.This book tackles all of these and other issues surrounding Paul and presents him for the widest possible audience. With his enviable gift for clear and popular writing, C. J. den Heyer here takes on a particularly difficult task and shows great mastery in offering a detailed portrait of one of the most controversial figures in the ancient world.C. J. den Heyer is Professor of New Testament at the Theological University of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands.

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