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Pathway to Understanding the Bible

Pathway to Understanding the Bible

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Did God intend His Word to be difficult for us to understand? Is it God or man's fault that the Bible remains a mysterious book to most people? Is there a clear path provided by the Author of the Bible to make it easily understandable? Can the Bible be trusted at all? Do we add or subtract from its content? Who should even study the Bible? Are you aware of the battles being waged behind the scenes since ancient times against the Bible and those behind this? Just how many gospel messages do we have in the Bible anyways? Does this message ever change to suit the demands of a particular generation? Can this message be easily identified? Can we trace the source of false doctrines? Do you really know who Jesus was? What was His message? Why did He have to die on man's behalf? Who were His true killers? Did Paul and the other apostles amend His message or did they preach the same message? Do you really understand the main purposes behind God's commandments in the Old Testament? How about really understanding the writings of Paul in particular and the rest of the apostles in the New Testament? Does the teaching of Paul contradict that of his master Jesus Christ? What was God's purpose for creating man? Does God love some groups of people more than others? What brings blessings and / or curses? What does it mean to be righteous according to the Bible? What are the characteristics of a righteous person? Just what is the New covenant and what was it intended to achieve? Who is a neighbor according to Jesus Christ? Unlike the rest, this book discards the denominational approach of studying the Bible and takes the reader on chronological steps to have the Bible decoded and plainly sets the reader on a personal journey of studying it without the aid of a Concordance or a Commentary.

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