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New Testament Young's Literal Translation

New Testament Young's Literal Translation

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Robert Young's 1898 translation edition of the New Testament. This Bible translation uses the same Elizabethian language as the King James Version.

Because this is a word-for-word strictly literal translation you can now see exactly how the original bible authors said and how they said it. There is no change of words, no compromising or “interpretation” of words or sentences. The translation is strictly as it was written in the original languages.

This translation will allow the reader to see exactly what the original Bible authors said and will allow a more exact study of the Bible. How can a reader study the Bible precisely when the translators have interpreted instead of translated? The majority of modern translations interpret (tell you what they think something means) instead of translating the words (what the original Bible authors actually said). Many times modern translations are merely paraphrasing instead of exactly translating.

When Robert Young translated this edition, he was not trying to please anyone, he was not trying to be “politically correct”, he was not translating to fit his theological beliefs. With this Bible, you get the word of God precisely as it was originally written.

Note: Paperback is 6x9 with regular thickness pages for durability. Also only 157 pages for portability. Small font to keep the price down, but readable and excellent as a reference.

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